Help us fill the rotunda! image

Help us fill the rotunda!

This 57th season, support our new & important initiatives

$16,491 raised

$10,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

A Season to Remember

Sizing & Prices

For every donation, we will add a vinyl mosaic tile to the rotunda! We hope to completely cover the rotunda, creating a lasting piece of artwork representative of our memorable and unique 57th season.

*Unless otherwise indicated, donor names will be written on each mosaic tile.

  • $57 - extra small - 24"x18"
  • $157 - small - 24"x24"
  • $257 - medium - 24"x36"
  • $557 - large - 24"x48"
  • $757 - extra large - 30"x30"
  • $1,057 - feature - 36"x36"

What our mosaics fundraiser supports

During the course of COVID-19, we have seen the need for real change within our organization: the obvious pivot to online and socially-distanced learning, but also prioritizing accessibility and inclusivity, expanding the diversity of composers we learn from, and working to provide more global learning opportunities.

We are striving to make these changes. We’ve implemented a Guest Artist Series that exposes our students to professionals across the globe, we’re incorporating into our repertoire contemporary music from diverse composers, and we’re continuing to expand our community outreach programs and provide student scholarships.

These necessary initiatives are the future of a modern orchestra.

While our Online Auction would typically support these initiatives, we recognize the financial strain on our local businesses, and have reimagined our spring fundraiser.

This 57th season, we’re asking our community to help us cover the rotunda of the Elley-Long Music Center in vinyl mosaic tiles. Each separate tile will come together to create a large piece of artwork that will color the building! The artwork will be a memento of overcoming hurdles and continuing to creating music together, even from afar.